The Tea Room
The Tea Room
Tada Hozumi (Naughty Uncle Tea)

Welcome to The Tea Room

This is a space where we may spill some tea together


Welcome to The Tea Room.

I am your tea master, Tada, or Tadaaki.

May we spill good tea together.

There are no guidelines to my Tea Room but there is a culture. If you know me or followed my work for a while, you probably already get a sense of what it might be like.

Some subjects we like to talk a lot about are animism, memetics, eroticism, and somatics, as well as issues that are traditionally identified with 'social justice left' such as racism and sexism.

That is to say, we are generally a bunch that is committed to embodied spiritual practice, and gives a lot of shits about the world, but we are also not interested in the toxic dynamics and group-think of ideology-based communities.

Hope you enjoy your stay.


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